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Morse Lake Pump Plant - North Bend

Chester Morse Lake in the Cascade Mountains is the major reservoir for Seattle’s water system, providing the region with more than two-thirds of its drinking water. Seattle Public Utilities’ $28.4-million pump plant replaced two 35-year-old pump stations on barges with a single floating station capable of pumping 240 million gallons of water a day. The Plant consists of steel pontoons supporting four submerged pumps with intake screens. When needed, the pump plant is ferried into position and connected to four submerged thermoplastic pipelines so water can be pumped through the dike and into the channel and river.

E-Z was contracted to complete and certify the fiber backbone for the pump control equipment. Marine Fiber Optic Cable was installed in the lake. Heavy duty connectors were used due to extreme climate changes throughout the year and overall harsh climate the fiber had to operate in.

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